OXZGEN Denim Long Sleeve Shirt

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Charcoal Face Scrub & Mask

The beauty industry knows that everyone is looking for healthy, refreshed, and nourished skin. That is why OXZGEN brings you our specially formulated Charcoal Face Mask & Scrub, with 30 mg of Hemp-Derived Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), activated charcoal, and immune-boosting Glutathione. This unique face mask and scrub work double-time to remove toxins, dirt, bacteria, and oil to leave skin feeling vibrant, healthy and refreshed.

Each jar contains 30 mg of Hemp-Derived Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD).

The Hemp-Derived CBD in this product is US Grown and contains <0.05% THC and D9 THC.

This product is manufactured in an FDA Registered and GMP Compliant Facility.
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